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The Shed Auctions

Location - 6km south of Guelph on old Brock Road #46.  Approximately 3km north of exit #299 of Hwy 401.

Check out our Collectors Dream Auction, and capture your item by making a winning bid!!  Our sale includes a nice array of items: art, furniture, silver plate, art deco, cameras, bone china and more.



To register to bid for this auction, you will be required to provide a current credit card.  The credit card will be ‘pinged’ for a $2.00 CAD hold, that will not be processed.  The ping amount is only used to ensure you have registered a valid, current credit card.


Soft Close

A soft close is used for this auction.  If a bid is received on an item within the last 3-minutes available on an item, that item is extended for a further 3-minutes to allow the Back Bidder an opportunity to place another bid.  Closing times per item are therefore approximate.


Auction Close

Successful high Bidders will have the hammer price, a 10% Buyer’s Premium and applicable HST of 13% charged to both the hammer price and Buyer’s premium applied to the registered credit card.


Pick Up

Successful Bidders must pick up their items on either Friday, October 6th between the hours of 12pm and 4pm or on Saturday, October 7th between the hours of 9am and 12pm.  Items not picked up will be considered abandoned.  The Shed reserves the right to determine final disposal of abandoned lots and may also charge the Bidder for disposal as necessary.


Pick up is at The Aberfoyle Antique Market, 57 Brock Rd., S., Puslinch, ON (old Hwy 6).  Physical location is the red barn on the east side of the property (nearest Brock Rd.).


The Shed provides NO packing materials, paper, bubble wrap or cartons for the transportation of goods.  Successful Bidders MUST bring their own packing materials.  Delivery is not available.  If the successful Bidder choses to arrange for their own delivery service, the goods MUST still be picked up in the defined pick up window above.


The Shed, due to workplace safety requirements cannot aid in the movement of large or heavy items, such as furniture.


All Sales Are Final

No refunds, returns or exchanges are allowed on any item.  In the event a credit card cannot be successfully charged, The Shed reserves the right to offer the lot to the Back Bidder.


Available on site at The Shed (Booth 79), Aberfoyle Antique Market, 57 Brock Road South, Aberfoyle, ON, Wed - Sat 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. & Sun 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The following are the terms and conditions which apply specifically to this catalog:

BIDDERS are advised that ‘the supply by public auction of goods and services is exempt from Consumer Protection Act rules’, Reg 5 (2).

THE SHED AUCTIONS provide all items “as is where is” and is not responsible for the final condition of an item.  Mechanical or digital functioning items are sold as ‘non-functioning’ whether they are or are not. THE SHED AUCTIONS will endeavor to call out ‘known’ imperfections.  ‘Known’ refers to damages or imperfections identified by THE SHED AUCTIONS Staff or the Consignor.  However, THE SHED AUCTIONS, does not undertake, nor can be held responsible, for any or all imperfections, damages, and limited or non-functioning of the item that has been sold.  THE SHED AUCTIONS provides NO GUARANTEE, WARRANTY, and will not make available any REFUND whether written, expressed or implied.  Scheduled Previews are available and posted by specific auction event.  BIDDERS may make use of previews to inspect items that will be included in the auction event.  When a BIDDER enters a BID against any auction event lot, the execution of the BID acknowledges that the BIDDER is satisfied with the condition of the item(s) of the lot, whether or not the BIDDER has participated in the Preview. 

To register to bid for a listed auction, You will be required to register a current credit card.  The credit card will be 'pinged' for a $2.00 CAD charge, that will not be processed.  The ping amount is only used to ensure you have registered a valid, current credit card.

Indicated closing times by lot are only approximate and can not be used as the exact time a lot will close to further bidding.  THE SHED AUCTIONS use a ‘soft’ close function.  The ‘soft’ close function takes effect 5-minutes before the scheduled close of an item.  This means that when a bid is received in the final 5-minutes of the scheduled bidding the remaining time to close will cause an additional 3-minutes to be added to the remaining time for that lot.  Each time a bid is received before the lot closes, again, it will increment upward by 3-minutes from the time the bid is registered.  BIDDERS are encouraged to make use of the ‘Maximum’ Bid function that allows the BIDDER to specify a maximum bid by lot.  The automated bidding system will then increment the current bid by the specified bid increment each time the registered bid is surpassed by another BIDDER’S amount.  This will continue until the competing BIDDER(S) ceases to bid or the ‘Maximum’ bid is surpassed.  THE SHED AUCTIONS cannot be held responsible for ‘lost’ lots due to multiple closings at the same or similar times, nor for use of the ‘Maximum’ bid functionality.  The BIDDER is ultimately responsible for the tracking of their bids against each interested lot and placing their bid on a timely basis.  The BIDDER is fully responsible for their own success or failure against each lot offered.

At the close of an auction event, successful bids will be charged to the credit card that was used to register for the event.  The charge per successful bid will include, the bid amount, 10% Buyer's Premium plus HST charged to both the bid amount and the Buyer's Premium.  If the credit card is not able to be charged for the full amount, The Shed Auctions reserves the right to sell the item to the back Bidder.  If taken, such a decision is final.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ARE ALLOWED FOR ANY ITEM.  In the event a credit card cannot be successfully charged, THE SHED AUCTIONS reserves the right to offer the lot to the BACK BIDDER.  The BIDDER will have no claim against THE SHED AUCTIONS or the BACK BIDDER in the event this situation occurs.  THE SHED AUCTIONS reserves the right, at our discretion, to remove the BIDDER from any future auction events.

An email will be sent to the successful BIDDER after the credit card has been charged.  Lots successfully purchased MUST be picked up at the location, date and time published for the specific auction event.  Delivery is currently not made available. Failure to pick up your goods at the identified location, date and time will be considered ABANDONMENT of the goods.  THE SHED RESERVES the right to determine final disposal of all ABANDONED lots and may also charge the BIDDER for disposal as necessary.

THE SHED AUCTIONS provide no packaging materials, paper, bubble wrap or cartons for the transportation of goods.  Successful BIDDERS MUST bring their own packaging materials with them.  THE SHED AUCTIONS accepts no responsibility for damages to the goods while in the possession of THE SHED AUCTIONS post-auction event or during movement of the goods inside or outside of the defined pick up location.

THE SHED AUCTIONS due to workplace safety requirements cannot provide any assistance in the movement of large or heavy items, such as furniture.  If you are a successful BIDDER of such an item you MUST arrange to have the appropriate number of individuals with you to move these items.  THE SHED AUCTIONS assumes no responsibility for BIDDER personal injury of themselves or their Assistants while on the premises of the assigned pick up location.

BUYER’S PREMIUM of 10% will apply to all purchases.  HST of 13% will apply to the final ‘hammer’ price of the lot plus the Buyer’s Premium.

We hope you enjoy the auction event!

For more information on how this affects you, please read our site's Terms & Conditions

and Privacy Policy

To register for bidding both a phone number and a current, valid credit card must be provided.

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